MedtoMarket strives to provide outstanding service rarely seen in this industry. Our expert staff is highly trained and committed to provide exceptional service. For any bioskills lab, we can provide the following:

  • M.D.s On-Site for Duration of the Lab

  • Proctors

  • Various Levels of Technicians and Support Staff:

    • Senior Surgical Technicians

    • Junior Surgical Technicians

    • Orderlies

    • Hospitality Nurses

    • Specialized Equipment Technicians

  • Host/Hostess/Runners

  • Presenters – Industry Information, Insurance Procedures, etc.

  • Logistics Coordination.

  • Lab Setup to Your Specifications.

  • Flow Planning for Larger Labs


We can supply or source any bioskills equipment and supplies necessary for an exceptional lab event.

  • Major equipment – c-arms, laparoscopic towers and other specialized equipment

  • Support equipment – tables, stands, headlamps, lights, and other standard equipment

  • Various types of specimen holders as needed

  • General surgical instruments

  • Saws, suction, drills, etc.

  • Scrubs and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all course participants including gowns, surgical gloves, shoe and boot covers, masks and head covering

  • Protective gear such as lead aprons and neck guards if X-ray equipment is used.

  • Wide range of medical supplies

  • We can obtain any specialized equipment required

  • Wide range of simulators


Cadaveric acquisition and preparation for your bioskills lab is handled by our trained staff. As part of our process, you describe exactly the specimen you desire and how it should be positioned. Lab coordinators provide complete cadaveric tissue sourcing, preparation, storage and disposition. A thorough medical history and testing report are provided for each specimen.

We can supply any cadaveric part or full cadaver specimens. Our tissue comes from approved and vetted sources ensuring respect for donor provided anatomical gifts. We follow strict and rigorous storage and transportation procedures to ensure that the tissue is in perfect condition for the lab.

Our offerings include:

  • Full cadavers

  • Torso only or with selected appendages

  • Any individual appendages (single or in pairs)

  • Eviscerated or whole

  • Option for lightly embalmed

  • Transportation and storage

  • Compassionate disposal

  • Positioning services

  • Pre-lab preparation – MRI/CT scans



New products are constantly under development and your company engineers will have the opportunity to test and experiment in the lab using prototypes on fresh cadavers. Teams that use bioskills labs for research and development can develop their products more quickly and efficiently and bring them to market before the competition. And with MedtoMarket’s “can-do” attitude behind you, small-scale labs can usually be set up on short-notice without a problem. Or better yet, you can reserve time and space on a recurring monthly timetable.


M2M Labs uses our proprietary “M2M 360° Approach” to review every aspect of your product from pre-FDA research and vetting to post-FDA marketing, education, and validation. We can recruit surgeons and assemble a lab, which allows us to acquire feedback throughout. We’ll photograph and video the surgeons as they give their opinions. Our validation labs will help you better position your products on the marketplace, tweak your products to improve their uptake, or validate them with real users, so that you are ready for anything.


Technology is always changing and new surgical devices enter the marketplace at the fastest rate in history. It is imperative that surgeons are trained properly on new products and are ready to use them safely in the clinical setting. It is also crucial for internal staff to be as knowledgeable about products as possible. They are the face of your company and ongoing training for them is essential. Conducting training is an ideal way to keep your employees, staff, and surgeons knowledgeable in representing the excellence you require.




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